Nov. 24, 2020

My Why??!

Have you ever stopped and thought about YOUR "why"? Why you do what you do, in life; or make the decisions/have the reactions you do, when situations cause you to have to decide or react to something?

I, throughout my life, have seen a good bit of my Father's reactions to things in myself; but, as I reflect, I am seeing even more of my Mother's. Also, my Grandma peeks in there, periodically - lol!!! 😉😉😉

More and more, I have been coming into my own - yes, I am a bit of a "late-bloomer", at 59 - but I digress.

My writing, though both my parents wrote a bit, has gone further than theirs ever did - literally, via the internet; but I have ALWAYS fought to take a different route than they perceived for me.

They wanted college - fought that one all through high school, and beyond; I've never been one to learn ANYTHING the traditional way. Example - I took 2 years' piano as a child, just enough to learn some basics. I have written a few songs, played a little keyboard, guitar, and drums.

I have, except for a few temporary jobs along the way (and some intermittent unemployed time spend at the family accounting office) worked in the service/retail industry. I like what I do, and though I may struggle physically a bit the older I get, I DO enjoy what I do.

My writing has become a driving force for my "day job" - that, and Motion my cat likes to eat on a regular basis.

Though 2020 HAS been hard on my "CHEERFUL DISPOSITION"; my why, and commitment to myself hasn't changed. I have continued to "do what I can". I think THAT is my "bottom-line why" - doing what I can.

I encourage you, at this time of pondering and Thanksgiving, to ask yourself about YOUR "why". You may be surprised...

Have a good day, and be safe...
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