Dec. 1, 2020


Have you ever done this?

You're going through your life, and you consciously, or unconsciously realize that things are going well - too well. You start thinking about "the other shoe dropping", and BAM, there it is!!!

Not that it may not have happened, anyway; but your "Life Attitude", can have a dramatic influence on the overall attitudes you DO have.

People used to tell me I needed to have a more positive attitude. I lived a very long time in a strictly "black or white" type of attitude - either good, or bad happened to you. There was no room for "gray" thoughts.

One day, during a particularly "dark time" in my life, I was in a super-manic negative phone conversation with a good friend. Although she was on the opposite side of the country, I swear she grabbed ahold of my face, looked me right in the eye, and kind of screamed, "What are you grateful for??!"

Stopped me dead in my tracks. It just "clicked". I was FINALLY able to understand what people had been talking about, all those years.

Now, I have anti-negative "deflectors", if you will, in place. One really big one, has to do with my being a "Recovering Road-Rage-Aholic". I usually don't have my radio on, much, any more. The SECOND I start to feel a gripe coming on about another driver - that radio goes on, loudly!!! 

I am far from over learning all I can about this, in my life; but I will take the baby-steps true growth usually takes. That makes life all worthwhile, right??!

Remember, we can very easily be our own worst enemy - it's the choices we make, when situations come up, that can make all the difference in any case of self-sabotage.

Have a good day, and be safe... #2020seeclearly #JusTSpInnIngPlaTes