Dec. 16, 2020

Ordinary People, Doing Ordinary Things...

Almost every movie portrays those "Pie in the Sky", huge, EPIPHANOUS moments, that make everyone around say, "Wow!!! That's amazing!!!", etc.

Let's be honest - how often do we really get those, in REAL life??! I've had a few; but they're far and few between. You??!

I have always been a noticer; and fascinated by those little things. I had someone say to me once, "When you say you still can't believe they are (insert minor thing here) do you think that makes (insert name here) feel?"

That had an impact on me. It was after I read, in "The Gifts of Imperfection" (by Brene' Brown), about a similar story, that it hit me. Since that moment, in the early 80s, I had been making myself even "smaller" than I felt, before. WHAT??! Shall we say my self-esteem had NEVER been my strong-suit??!

Now, granted, there is NO need for me to be all "grandiose" about every little thing I feel; but I should NEVER let anything anyone else says me make me feel "smaller".

My natural motivation IS to encourage, support, etc; but it isn't always "pretty". There are hard, honest conversations that need to happen, periodically; and when they can't, the relationship suffers. Have had this many times.

But, that's for another post. I will leave you with this - never stop noticing...honestly share what you see, when you can. Never stop being the amazing you, that you are...

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