Jan. 19, 2021

What Are You Doing, Right Now??!

Are you trying to play "catch up", after 2020 did a slam-dunk, on you, and many others?

Step 1 -
Stop, and take a breath.

Realistically, is you making yourself crazy trying to catch-up from the "rug-out-from-under-you-2020" even possible??!

Start where you are right now. Focus on what, realistically, is possible to achieve, at THIS moment. Don't think about any moment, but THIS one.

Does that change the view, and possibly quiet some of the chaos, in your mind?

If it doesn't, repeat Step 1 - keep doing that until you are able to take ONE step at a time, without having a near anxiety attack.

I recently watched a Brene' Brown video on Super Soul Sunday, with Oprah. She pointed out, that, "...calm people are breathers...when they hear something, they take a breath...they ask questions...they ask themselves if they have enough data, before they freak out..."

This SCREAMED at me. I have always had a tendency to be a little, high-strung - by some people's definition??! I have been doing this, on my own, a bit, already - but I LOVE when something I read, or hear confirms I am on the right path!!! 😃😃😃

My hope for you, is that whether you are able to ease into a new lifestyle, or even if you're thrown kicking and screaming into something else, you will remember Step 1...it can change your life!!!

I'm living proof - I searched for years for good people to surround myself with - and, have made MANY good (and many bad) decisions to get where I am at this point. (And I am in NO way, discounting the role God has played in my life.)

Opportunities were presented, and I made choices - my path has been VERY busy (no "shortest path"  for sure!!!) But I wouldn't change anything, because it ALL helped form who I am, today.

Have a good day, and be safe... #2021LATE beamererin.com beamererin@yahoo.com #JusTSpInnIngPlaTes #lightattheendofthetunneloflife