Feb. 9, 2021

How Did YOU Score??!

I bet you thought I was talking about the Super Bowl, didn't you? Nope.

I do not work on Mondays, so this is when I like to take the time to reflect on my previous week - rate it, if you will.

As we all know, life happens; so there are definitely good and not so good weeks. (I'm trying to alleviate negative words from my vocabulary - inside, and out - plus, I don't want to limit myself to just good or bad, ya know?)

I don't ignore the less than positive things - everything shapes who I am; but I attempt to not let them define me, or my life, like I used to do.

Even though, after working hard all week, some of my Monday mornings are definitely groggy - like this morning, I put my bfast into the microwave, as I moved to complete my morning ablutions.

As I progressed, it came time to remove my bfast from the micro - only to find out I forgot to hit start. Rather than bagging on myself, I just put a quick, encouraging post asking if anyone else was having a "how much faster will the microwave cook my bfast, if I hit 'start' kinda morning??!"; and moved on.

This has not been a quick practice for me. I was a "Negative Nancy" kind of person, through many years. Well, I was actually positive or negative - there was no blending, whatsoever. Life was very black or white - NO gray.

But, that's for another post...lol.

I do want to encourage you to take some time, every week to reflect on your previous week, and find a happy and sad. Like Mr Miyagi always reminded Daniel - "Balance!!!"

Have a good day, and be safe!!! #2021LATE beamererin.com beamererin@yahoo.com #JusTSpInnIngPlaTes