Mar. 2, 2021

Do You Journal? Do You Save It?

I was reading a post, on Facebook, and it brought up the question of the purpose of journaling. Are you doing it just to do a type of "brain-dump"? Or are you doing it to remember specific details of something that happened, that may need to be utilized at some point - ie - a court case involving an assault, or custody, etc?

In the post, they were discussing having someone break their trust and read their journal - ie - abusive spouse, only to use it against the journaler, in court; versus someone, like their children finding it in the future, and wondering what the heck was wrong with the journaler - ie - secrets revealed, etc.

Here are my thoughts - if you're just doing a "brain dump", do you REALLY need to save it? Sometimes, my thoughts about situations I am faced with on a daily basis, change with the day. What pissed me off on Tuesday, may make me happy on Thursday. I never know. So, saving it seems a little counter-productive for me, don't you think?

When I first started counseling, I kept two journals - that way, I could leave the latest week's journaling with my counselor, so she could get even deeper insight into what was going on in my head. She would read it, and write questions and comments, periodically; then we would switch it out, at the next appointment.

Am not exactly sure how long this went on, but I think it really helped fast-track my counseling, a bit. It gave both of us more insight into what the heck my REAL issues were; and how my brain was processing, at any given moment.

I recently found a journal from this time period, and was trying to read through it. I told her in my next appointment, "How in the heck did you keep up with me??! I got lost, and I was the one who wrote it!!!"

The moral of MY story, is, I think it's time to destroy my old journals. I may glance through them; but their usefulness is passed. I am not even the same person I was, back in the 90s. Thank God, I survived!!!

But, they DID serve their purpose; to help me stop my mind from racing as much, so I could figure out how to live, and not just exist.

I don't journal, like I used to; well, not officially. But, I think this Blog MAY be how I journal, now...welcome to my world...😉😉😉
Like I tell people, you hear what comes out - you should see what stays IN my

Have a good day, and be safe... #2021LATE #JusTSpInnIngPlaTes