Mar. 23, 2021

Stay in YOUR Lane...

This goes for more than just driving...when you're interacting with other people; you have to live YOUR truth. Everybody has to live their own - no shortcuts.

I think that is where we have landed, in this time of History - we're all so offended, "my rights are...", etc; that we're going to "My Right..." ourselves right out of them.

One way to change this, is if we can all learn to "Stay in OUR Lane". We are ALL humans, and as such, should ALL be treated the same.

When you're driving, and something flies off the back of a truck, MOST people don't move out of their lane to hit it; and if it's in your lane, you move your way around it, and go on about your day.

That is the part we need to get back to - supporting our friend that lost something out of the truck, by saying, "Man, that sucks!" But we don't have to replace what he lost, right?

Like Tina Turner said:
"We don't need another Hero
We don't need to know the way home
All we want is life beyond the

We are ALL struggling, yet we're still fighting amongst ourselves as to who's the "Hero", and who's the "Bad Guy".

As I have stated before, I may be naive, but I wish we all could be a little more naive. Believe in the good in people, and that we're all the same?

If we ALL could "Stay in our lane...", I believe the world would be better.

Have a good day, and be safe... #2021LATE #JusTSpInnIngPlaTes