Mar. 30, 2021

What Are YOUR Positive Attributes?

Recently, I  was thrown into a moment of self-reflection. I was forced to question my very purpose - why I was where I was, and doing what I was doing.

In order to stop the "negative thoughts" I felt overtaking me, I started to list my positive attributes (plus have been pondering, since) :
- good with people
- loyal
- honest (at times to a fault - ie: please do NOT ask me if those pants make your butt look big!!!)
- a recoverering shame addict
- good writer
- positive person
- am actively working on being a better listener (awareness is the key)
- good at encouraging others
Although I still have much work to do - am not dead, yet - and still make bad choices, at times; I am worthwhile. Also, I am making the effort.

That is all we really can do - try. When we fall, get back up. Keep going.

Rest, when we must; but hotels/motels were not designed to be permanent residences. They are simply a comfortable place to rest and relax, a bit, as you're traveling. Then, you keep going on to your intended destination.

Have a good day, and be safe... #2021LATE #JusTSpInnIngPlaTes