Jul. 20, 2021

"Lemon Law..."

I know this was created for automobiles, etc; but what if we could apply it to relationships - both romantic, and/OR friendships.

You commit fully at the start (like driving by a big window on a business, and seeing how great you look in that vehicle); but, you eventually realize that your priorities for the relationship may be different than the other party.

At first, it's the little things that you overlook, and compromise (like you hear little "pings" in the engine); then, bigger things happen (like you hear a "grinding" sound when you turn a corner), and you find yourself STILL compromising yourself.

I feel this is when you need to sit yourself down, and really evaluate this relationship - is it truly healthy for both of you? Be realistic, and ask if you are the "problem" in the relationship - or do YOU have unrealistic expectations?

I'm not talking about blaming anyone, either. That just gets really ugly, really fast; and nobody has time for that game.

Are you able to have an honest two-way discussion about your concerns with the other person? Has the relationship grown, or do you have the confidence it could?

These are not decisions to be made lightly - maybe you don't need to end said relationship; just dial it back a bit, and see how it plays out.

Remember, relationships, like automobiles, etc, do need upkeep. But if all of the upkeep is only happening on the outside, to keep it "looking good"; and the engine is losing pieces and parts as you go down the road...well...

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