Oct. 19, 2021

Pain is NOT "Sustainable"...

...it is a limited source of energy.

Don't get me wrong - it can motivate people to do GREAT things - look at some of the greatest miscreants and rapscallions (Google it, like I did), in history.

They are the antithesis of what I want my legacy to be - all because they let their pain determine their fate.

I do not live in a fairy tale, by any means; but I watched my Father "lead his life by his pain", for 51 of his 86 years; and I do NOT want to be remembered for my pain.

I, myself, lived my pain for the first 30+ years of my 60 years; but I knew, deep down, it was not for me. Kind of like I figured out in the "mandatory 72 hours" - "I don't know what I need; but this is NOT it!!!"

I have had "dark periods", as recently as the last five years; but I have utilized them to build my strengths, and overcome my weaknesses.

It can be a daily struggle, at times - my pain is never out of range of my "life rear-view mirror" - but it is the choices I make, that keep it there.

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