Nov. 9, 2021

What is WRONG With You??!

Ever heard those words??!

I have heard them quite a bit. Before I started my healing process, I felt ashamed; I didn't know how to answer.

Now, it's kind of a source of entertainment for What I call my quirks, are really a part of my true self, and I have chosen to embrace them - warts and all.

As long as I'm not forcing them, to try and fit in with others; or maliciously hurting someone else, I try to be honest.

You can't worry about "tripping triggers" - yours OR anyone else's - but if you accidentally do it, once; but then, you maliciously keep "going there" - THAT'S where I see a problem. Like anything else, motivation is the key.

It's not MY job to help someone get over their triggers, or "protect them"; but their intention, I'm positive, is NOT to put a weapon in your hand to use on them. So just don't.

Because, then, they are totally justified in asking, "WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU??!" (you see what I did, there?)

Have a good day, and be safe... #2021LATE ****** #JusTSpInnIngPlaTes