Feb. 2, 2022

Subject to Change...

One phrase I have learned to incorporate into my life is the term "Plot Twist!!!".

You're just going along, living your best life, and then, BAM!!! There goes your life walking on, and your sitting there on your butt on the sidewalk, shaking your head and wondering what just happened; and your life is just going on without you, like you're moving right along with it.

Life = changes. Some will be amazing; others, not so much - but they're ALL necessary, and a part of the balance that IS life.

Once this finally gets instilled in your brain,
trust me, it is SO much easier to function.

At least until the next "plot twist". 😉😉😉

How do YOU handle those sudden changes? Do you rail against them, or roll with them?

Have a good day, and be safe... #2022YOU ***beamererin.com*** #JusTSpInnIngPlaTes beamererin@yahoo.com