Mar. 26, 2022

TRYING to "Pick Your Battles"...

Some days, this is an uphill battle for me, as I have had a tendency to get drawn into other people's drama for a lot of my life.

At the very least, I, usually, recognize it, early, and try to "talk myself off of that ledge" - sometimes in my head (or mumbling aloud to myself). If that doesn't work; I do try and talk to a trusted person.

My motivation isn't to dump on them, it's just to work through the effect it's having on me, and then move on from it. I CAN tell the progress I have made; but just SOME days...

Can you relate to this, in any way? Any tips or suggestions?

Thank you, have a good day, and be safe... #2022YOU ****** #JusTSpInnIngPlaTes