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Mar. 26, 2022

Some days, this is an uphill battle for me, as I have had a tendency to get drawn into other people's drama for a lot of my life.

At the very least, I, usually, recognize it, early, and try to "talk myself off of that ledge" - sometimes in my head (or mumbling aloud to myself). If that doesn't work; I do try and talk to a trusted person.

My motivation isn't to dump on them, it's just to work through the effect it's having on me, and then move on from it. I CAN tell the progress I have made; but just SOME days...

Can you relate to this, in any way? Any tips or suggestions?

Thank you, have a good day, and be safe... #2022YOU ****** #JusTSpInnIngPlaTes 

Feb. 15, 2022

Have you ever run yourself like crazy to please everyone around you - friends, work, church, social obligations, etc - and at the end of the day, you felt you were personally left lacking?

I lived this way for YEARS!!! I always had a (seemingly) large circle of people around me, and I was happy. Until I sat and figured out that I felt like the one working hardest to "gather everyone together", actually PLEADING with people to spend time with me.

Then I stopped. While I DO understand that different people have different qualities, or "gifts"; it hit me that anyone that wants to, can be a "gatherer", also.

So I sat.

I realize I isolated, after my Mother passed in 2018; and was just starting to feel ready to re-enter some sort of social interaction in 2020 when the Pandemic hit.

I, also, realize that I am only looking at this from my perspective. I am a realist, and do not claim to be perfect; but I have discussed my feelings with a person I trust, and they say I am not far off.

Also, am NOT trying to be petty, whiny, or have sour grapes.

Bottom line, I know every one else can only do what they can do, also; but if I am growing as a person, and others choose to stay where they are, and revel in past "victories" - and seemingly not grow - I must move on, even if I am alone.

I felt bad about "moving on", for awhile; and then I picked myself up, and continued on my journey.

I do not enjoy small-talk. I want to connect with people's hearts; and NOT have to walk on eggshells, and be able to have those hard conversations, when necessary. I have grown weary over these things, in the past. I refuse to feel like I have to make myself smaller, because others may have a delicate ego.

If you know me, and my heart - not everything that comes out of my mouth is gold; but if something comes out, and I have no business saying it to you, I will apologize.

Do you understand what I am trying to say? Do you ever feel the same? Do you think I am a whackadoodle??!  Regardless...

I. Am. Enough.

Have a good day, and be safe... #2022YOU ****** #JusTSpInnIngPlaTes 

Feb. 8, 2022

...ever done that? I do, and often. Not on purpose, mind you - just gifted.

Having worked on my healing process nearly half my life; I have, at times, come on seemingly TOO strong when establishing my boundaries. I take full ownership of the mistakes I've made, and have tried to learn from every misstep. At times I feel I have spent eons in "damage control", from them.

But, then have moved on, until I have to establish the next boundary. Sometimes, they do "go off without a hitch". Other times, you have to step back and see if your actions are coming from a place of hurt or healing, and act according to your personal integrity.

I used to apologize for EVERY boundary - when you go from basically none, as you place one, it can feel like you're being arrogant.  Sometimes, even if your heart is right; it is met with others feeling you ARE being arrogant.

You just have to take the time, look at it, realistically, and go on from there.

Always keep in mind You ARE Worthwhile; and doing what you have to do to protect your heart is vital. Just like armor, bullet-proof vests, and even what catchers and umpires wear behind home plate - they're in place to protect your heart from being injured.

How are you with establishing healthy boundaries? Are you able to, yet?

Have a good day, and be safe... #2022YOU ****** #JusTSpInnIngPlaTes 

Feb. 2, 2022

One phrase I have learned to incorporate into my life is the term "Plot Twist!!!".

You're just going along, living your best life, and then, BAM!!! There goes your life walking on, and your sitting there on your butt on the sidewalk, shaking your head and wondering what just happened; and your life is just going on without you, like you're moving right along with it.

Life = changes. Some will be amazing; others, not so much - but they're ALL necessary, and a part of the balance that IS life.

Once this finally gets instilled in your brain,
trust me, it is SO much easier to function.

At least until the next "plot twist". 😉😉😉

How do YOU handle those sudden changes? Do you rail against them, or roll with them?

Have a good day, and be safe... #2022YOU ****** #JusTSpInnIngPlaTes 

Jan. 25, 2022

...five days a week, for over 17 years, has given me a good deal of time, every day, to contemplate many things; and decide how my day will proceed.

- I have been "growing my gratitude" - utilizing my time to reflect and grow; not become complacent and whiny...

- I believe my "road rage" has lessened - though I still am not where I want to be; if I start to feel that urge, I turn my radio on (or up)...😉😉😉

These are just a few things, but they have made a HUGE difference in my daily life.

Being a recoverering rageaholic, I am more aware...I had a friend take my keys once, when I was angry, and headed to my car to "drive it off". She told me, "Friends don't let Friends drive angry". Wisdom...

Do you attempt to utilize your mundane for good? Share with us...

Have a good day, and be safe... #2022YOU ****** #JusTSpInnIngPlaTes