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Dec. 17, 2019

...however, are there any "nuggets of truth" in what has been said? That's what you REALLY need to look at.

Regardless of the "delivery", which may, at times, come across as harsh or feel like they're just trying to hurt you; if you listen to the person's heart, does that make a difference? Rather than coming from your place of pain?

This is the standard with which you need to measure any type of advice, or criticism - whether asked for, or not; is there ANY truth? Plus, is this a person you would even go to, if you needed advice?

My intent is NOT really to answer questions with more questions - but as with most things, it's not that cut and dried. My goal is just to make people think.

Have a good day, and be safe...

Dec. 10, 2019

I have heard a lot of people, over the years say this phrase. Frankly, it annoys me, over all, because it's kind of a cop-out.

I don't care WHO you are, if you are not evolving, even a little bit, periodically, that means one of two things, to me.
1 - you believe you don't need to make ANY changes, ever in your life - how boring and unsatisfying will that get, after awhile?
2 - you believe you CANNOT change, so why bother?

I am NOT talking about changes being forced by an external source, either; that's control and manipulation - those are NOT changes in a positive direction.

I am talking about stretching yourself - you don't have to jump out of airplanes to do this. Just try something different, every once in awhile. Get out of your "comfort zone". If an opportunity presents itself - take it!!!

You may surprise yourself...

Have a good day, and be safe...

Dec. 3, 2019

Sometimes, I wish this sign was available to wear on my forehead.

"Life partner" relationships are not my strong suit; but "Friendship" relationships ARE my thing.

That being said, I always try to explain my Blog/Website...vibe, if you will, as a little "Delilah" with a little Erma Bombeck mixed in.

Which leads me to wonder, if people think I am a "Love Guru", as I've heard Delilah referred to - nopenopenope!!!

How I relate to her, is that she did not go to school to be a therapist/counselor. She just mentors people with her natural gift of engagement, and relating to where people are in their lives.

Regarding Erma B - I don't purposely try to see the funny side of things, necessarily; I'm just a permanent resident of "Left Field" - and that's where a lot of people miss out on important aspects of their lives!!!

I see that as a HUUUGE "Relationship Roadblock". It's like you're missing this big part of yourself, that "completes" you.

Life takes a healthy balance of positive, AND negative, to make it truly worthwhile. An example of this:
If you try to alleviate the pain you feel, when you lose someone in your life, as in a death, a breakup, etc; how can you truly experience the love side of a relationship?

Without allowing that connection with another, and accepting the uncertainty of the future, how can there truly be commitment?

In life, in relationships with anyone, there is NO guarantee you will NEVER get hurt. I'm not talking Domestic Violence, etc; I am talking people may have a bad day, and your feelings may get hurt.

Nobody is a "Ray of Sunshine" 24/7, and things are said, and done; and pain cannot be avoided, sometimes. It doesn't mean you swear off all relationships.

On a side note, NOT all relationships ARE forever. There may come a time for certain ones to end. It isn't always, necessarily, agreed on by all involved; but it IS a part of life.

I could go on, but as I've rambled a bit, I will end this. Hopefully, I've given you some stuff to REALLY think about.

Have a good day, and be safe...

Nov. 26, 2019

How About We Stop Abusing Each Other??!

Granted, there is a very fine line. But - are you aware that the rhinocerous, one of the animals with THE thickest skin in the world, is becoming an endangered species??!

Poachers illegally ABUSE their rights, and are killing entire species of rhinos off. How much thicker does human skin need to get??!

People no longer care about others, on such a HUGE level; how long until only the "strong" survive??! Then, the ending massacre of the  ENTIRE species WILL take place!!!

This is such a big problem, and we're too busy arguing over two parties!!! (Not being political, just making a point.)

Have a good day, and be safe...

Nov. 20, 2019

(5th, and final entry on series about "Self")

Throughout my life, I have often seen self-confidence as cockiness.

It was the green-eyed little monster inside me, that made this observation. Let's just say, green is NOT a good color for me!!!

I knew people that were overweight, as I was, that were confident, and I was totally confused by this.

So I figured, if I lose weight, I will be happy and confident - wasn't. Nor was I healthy - was from stress, and not eating!!!

There were people that were pale, like me, that were confident; and again, I was left confused!!!

I thought, maybe if I could be tan, and still overweight, I could be happy and confident. Guess what??! Wrong, again!!! (Plus, I DON'T TAN!!!😉😉😉)

I still thought that confident people were still a lil cocky!!! Surprise...wasn't really a correct assumption, either!!!

Self-confidence FINALLY kicked in when I realized that other people's opinions of me DID NOT MATTER!!! Only what I thought of myself!!!

Who knew??! Once I realized I WAS WORTHWHILE, and the opinions I had of myself were ALL that mattered, things started to turn around for me.

Now, it wasn't an overnite thing - when I tell my current circle of friends how "painfully backward" I used to be, I get quite a few raised eyebrows!!!

Somewhere DEEP inside, was this little ball of perseverance that would push me, even when I was at the lowest points in my life.

That's why, AT different points in my life (with a few intersections), I actually have been a singer, keyboard player, drummer, guitar player - and have done public performances  (and I didn't suck!!!).

Now, there is no desire, or need for those skills; but they definitely helped with my self-confidence. Btw, thank you, to all that may be reading this, and had a hand in guiding me!!!

The moral of the story, is that these possibilities are inside of you, too!!! Is there anything you have ever dreamed of doing, but think you can't? 

Were you confused, as I was, about the whole self-confidence mystery??!

I have a Friend, who struggled to get her first novel completed, and published - I sent her the hashtag #BELIEVE, all throughout the process. She IS a published author!!!

I'm giving you, your first #BELIEVE...what are YOU gonna do with it??! #BECONFIDENT

Have a good day, and be safe...