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Apr. 24, 2019

At Five AM, many lives were changed

Because of a situation not so strange

Guy decided to drink, then get behind the wheel

With three passengers, two of which were killed

Three young lives were taken that day

That ride should NOT have ended that way

To go to the store, was all that was asked

Too selfish, too drunk, to finish that task

Nine years later, still missed just as much

Your smile, your hugs, your soft tender touch

My life was changed, on that fateful day

When someone else's choices took you away

I MAY forgive, because that is how it should be

But I will NEVER forget you, my sweet Poetry...

(Aunt) Connie R Jordan...  042419

Apr. 24, 2019

If you were still here what would my life be

Would I have grown into the true, real me

That still struggles with memories, but perseveres and goes on

Some days I feel like am running a con

I try to feel happy, but it just isn't there

Happiness all around me - it just isn't fair

I can fault no one, just living their lives

Why do I ALWAYS have to be one that strives?

Just living is hard - getting dressed is a chore

Some days, I feel burned down to my very core

But, go on, because I must. There really IS NO choice

Because, if I don't, who will share your voice

And spread kindness, and hope, that came from your very core

I have to go on, since you can't, anymore

Though I question choices made on that fateful night

And so many paid the cost for a choice just not right

I will go on, and carry your banner of love

Until one day we meet, again, up above

And we hug, say "I love you", and kiss you on MY spot

And we go on, together, the eternity we've got

To play with the "babies", you've been with all this time

Admit, at times was jealous; but will be able to climb

And run and frolic in the meadows of gold

With no fear of being alone, or just growing old

My job will be done, but it isn't quite done yet

So I will keep persevering, until with you, I get

Connie R Jordan...
I love you, and miss you, Poetry Hope Dotson!!! 032089-042410
Aunt Connie... and Motion
(Written between March 20, 2018-April 12, 2019)

Apr. 11, 2019

Darwin's been up there, waiting

For Shelby to finally arrive

Been passing the time with the others

Cause they knew that it just wasn't time

Grandpa, and Uncle, and Brindle and Duke

And all of the babies, with Goodheart, to boot

Tonite is a party in Heaven

With all of the "bickies" she'd like

And all of the running  and chasing

But no need for her paws to wipe

She's no longer struggling to be

And feeling no pain, anywhere

Now they're all together, and waiting

For everyone's time to be there

So please rest, and just know we're ok, now

That the choice was the one to be made

And you loved us enough to make it

And we remember the love that you gave

We're up here, Momma, just waiting

Imagine the greeting you'll get

For Your crown is the prettiest in Heaven

And EVERYONE wishes they were YOUR pet...

We love you, Momma...

Connie R Jordan...   111118

Apr. 11, 2019

When I picture you I see a BIG heart

With four limbs to help, near or far, you just start

With questions - "I'm here, please do tell, what I can do?"

Followed by, "Are you alright?" and, "What do you need, for me to help you?"

I do try to help YOU, as much as you let

I'll support you, forever; on that you can bet

Like an Octopus on your face, you're stuck with me for life

I wish you ALL the best, with the least amount of strife

I just wanted you to know, since my writing says it best

That I LOVE YOU, FOREVER; and in that, you can rest

In all your endeavours, and in all you go through

Though am across the country, I'm right beside you

You are never alone, and ALWAYS in my heart

Though can't pinpoint the moment, almost since the start

Of our relationship, when we met, destined for forever to be

Two hearts joined together - that symbolize you and me...

Connie R Jordan...  110218

Apr. 11, 2019

My only Seester, special bond that we share

I hope you DO know just how much I care

And love you, especially since all we've been through

My one constant, North Star, has always been you

From the very beginning you've ALWAYS been there

Except for that time when you left me, with Gar

But from that, moved on, though it is a GREAT tool

To push you, and bug you, cause that's what I do

Our Mother ALWAYS told me to always give your best

And she did, when she gave you, much better than the rest

My appreciation unending, I hope this you know

Even when I pull away, and must take time to grow

You will ALWAYS be mine, no matter what comes up, next

Even when my freakouts kind of leave you perplexed

Thanks for waiting, thanks for living, and for doing what you do

I don't think, especially this year, I might have made it through

But just knowing you were there, like always, gave me peace

I'm sorry, know were worried, but thanks for letting me be

For to get to this point, with some peace in my life

I had to go off, and battle some pain and strife

And I know you hurt, too; and that you will forgive

So we can grow more, together; and begin to live

This new life before us, I admit a little scary

But, with you there, beside me, my Seester some call Mary

But not me, you're Caffey, or Seester, or Cat

We'll be there, together; what you say about that??!

Connie R Jordan...  110518