Aug. 4, 2018

Be Real, and Be Strong...

How long will I cry for you?

Who am I, to know?

The FACT of the matter is

I KNEW you had to go

Though, my heart prefers fiction

It's reality based

Like the Villain, in a story

Who's by the Hero, chased

Like the moon with the ocean

The pain ebbs and flows

On a day, like today, tho

It just goes, and goes

Feeling like it won't lessen

I'll be raw, til I die

Though I KNOW I'll be ok

Each day I must try

To go on, and to function

To be aware that there's pain

To lie down, and be strengthened

And then get back up, again

It won't be like this, forever

Just until we are joined

To never be parted; together

So, I must ride out this storm

I will cry, as I need to

Keeping truth by my side

That I knew it was not forever

When I sent you to die

So Dance, til I get there

It really won't be that long

And I will do what I need to

Which is be Real, and be Strong...

Connie R Jordan... 080418