Aug. 5, 2018

Sometimes, Late Nite...

Sometimes, late night is the worst time for me

More often, than not, that was when you would be

Home from your travels; that "Star" annoyed

But I took what I could get, had to fill that void

That was left in your absence, between there and work

(Though as I grew older, you not home was a perk.)

Which left me to do all my talking at night

As the dark room had a glow from across the street light

We would talk about the day, or a memory we'd share

I remember feeling loved, like you really did care

Though your eyes would grow weary, they had to be sore

Even when you fell asleep, and began to softly snore

I would just lay there, absorbing that moment of love

In the silence, so peaceful, afraid if I moved

That our time would be over, not sure when next would be

So I treasured that time, and I chose to see

Only good times, ignored bad times; throwing balance to wind

I know, now, that balance is key for me to find

The true me, inside; for my Kingdom to rule

To shine light on my Darkness; to re-learn basics, like school

For my new life, without you; to take both good AND bad

To hold my head high, face my my Happy AND Sad

So, I'll remember, and try to feel all those feelings as come

I know isn't easy; know the answer is not numb

But every feeling has purpose, for the then, and the now

Even though the pain may have me stuck, and wondering HOW?

To go on, persevere; to get on with my life

Though part of me will always be looking into that eye

That one, FINAL late night, when I told you #godance

I thank God, every day, that He gave me that chance

To give you that gift, to release you to go

Here, a month later, think I'm starting to know

What my life is to be, to do what I need to do

Leave my mark in this world, and NOT be just like you

To walk on MY path, wherever it may lead

To utilize the strength, that was passed on to me

Wherever I go, and to never forget

To remember whence I came, and in my resolve, set

Connie R Jordan... 062518-062818