Aug. 5, 2018

I Dried My Tears...

I dried my tears with the rose from your spray

I don't know what to do with myself, today

You've always been there, whether wanted or not

Was free to be me, even when was a snot

I will take the time to remember, and cry

Feel all the feels, from laughter to sigh

And then go on, living the life you let me have

With those treasured memories, eventually a salve

To heal this open, gaping wound

Because I know we'll really be together, soon

To sit and drink coffee, and tea for you

To finally find out all that went through

Your mind, throughout your life, that we never could share

Because you were always so busy "being there"

So I'll go on from here, with you in my heart

And live life to the fullest til our eternity together starts...

Connie R Jordan...  060118