Aug. 5, 2018


I really DO love this time of the day

Am always inspired to write, and relay

The peace that surrounds me; the hope that I feel

That I can handle whatever the day may deal

My wish to inspire - from my heart, to yours

Though you're on YOUR path, and may be many floors

Above, or below; the numbers don't matter

It's on the path that's important, not the latter

That we travel, together, to inspire the best

To dig deep, and share; and when need to, to rest

In the comfort of knowing that we're not alone

That we can persevere, like a dog with a bone

To never give up - to keep moving on

To remind each other, tomorrow is a new dawn

So I wish you the best as the day comes to light

And wish you peace, my Friend, til the day becomes night...

Connie R Jordan... 070318