Aug. 7, 2018

On Losing A Loved One...

Death REALLY sucks

Though it's part of all life 

It happens to everyone

Nobody gets it "right"

Like the parts in a play

All creatures are cast

Some lives are just short

And end really fast

Others last decades

Deeper relationships formed

But a loss is a loss

There really is NO "normal"

Platitudes are given

To make others feel better

Like their words will end the grief

Make the griever return to the

Life they were living

Before the grief struck

While all they're feeling

Is like hit by a truck

Just back off, let them be

Their "normal" is gone

They're making their way

Sometimes, it takes longer

Than others to get back

Just follow THEIR lead

If they ask you, back off

Give them what THEY need

There's a reason no manual

Because feelings can't be roped

You can't just wash them away

With water and soap

They ALL have to be felt

For healing to be complete

No matter what YOU'VE gone thru

You're NOT in THEIR seat

When they need you, or ready

To return to their lives

Just be open, and ready

To eat, or take drives

If you doubt they still love you

This might be a good time

To check YOUR priorities

And figure out why

They're in your life in the first place

Is it to be needed by you?

Because YOU need to see their face?

This time in their lives is NOT about you

If you need to feel needed

This person isn't it

So please leave them be

Til they figure out where they fit!!!

 Connie R Jordan... 080718