Aug. 8, 2018

Keeping Faith...

Growing weary in battle

You taught me to keep Faith

Am I letting you down

As you transition to Wraith?

As your strength has weakened

I've felt mine has grown 

To carry on and live

As we move to the Unknown

Losing a Mother seems like 

The worst of the worst

You gave me life

Learning basics came first

Other things seemed important 

But you just let me be

Though my learning took longer

You let me be me

I knew you were on my side

However it seemed

The bond strong from birth

Muddling through I was deemed 

Though my path has been different 

Than I know you preferred

I had to break out

Couldn't "follow the herd"

Again, you stood by me

Your Faith never wavered

Though success, like most people 

I never have savored

At least by their standards

I've not accomplished much

But in being true to myself

I have lived my life such

As to accomplish GREAT things

Not measured by man

But to keep moving forward

To follow the plan

Though I've flown by the seat of my pants

Not as wished

Knowing you were in my corner

I've been able to accomplish

My purpose, reason for being here

Which I know that you know

And in keeping my Faith

I can now let you go...


Connie R Jordan...   041718