Aug. 8, 2018

The Memory Keeper...

As the daughter of "The Keeper"

Will I be able to properly do

What was always deemed to happen - 

Will I be expected to?

Photos, and letters in boxes

A treasure trove to hold

Within them, they tell a story

As my life without enfolds

Knowledge is power, they say

Can the saying be true?

Am I the new "Memory Keeper"?

Will I have the same fate as you?

The memories you have locked deep inside

Hidden, kept just out of reach 

With continuous access denied

Given random access to each

Combined, they tell the stories

Passed down, from then to now

Will they be lost in the shuffle?

What if my "rememberer" forgets how??!

Will all the memories be lost forever?

I hope the important ones pass the test

Am so glad I'm not the only one "Keeping"

That others will remember the rest

If we all do our part to remember

I have confidence the important will last 

So remember to do all your "Keeping"

For we all can learn from the past...


Connie R Jordan...  030518-043018