Aug. 8, 2018

Saying Goodbye...

I had to say goodbye, today

To a life-long pillar of strength

Sure, "She lived a good life"

But how do you measure a length?

Based on "happys and sads"

Or moments of truth?

Or memories recovered

And savored from youth?

Who gets to decide

What's the "measuring stick"?

Is it strictly the good times

Or those little heart pricks?

I know life is comprised

Of the good, and the bad

But in the end, does it matter?

Life is meant to be had

To live life to the fullest

And I truly believe

That such was her life

Wouldn't want me to grieve

But have often been told

That I think way too much

So am seeking the Peace

Kind of using the crutch

To be able to stand

And to live life out loud

To be legitimately strong

Both inside and out

Grief is okay 

It is what we must do

And we're designed to do it 

As long as needed to

To get to a place

To go on with our life

So she's not there, watching

My suffering and strife 

Won't "unpack" and stay

That's nowhere to be

Will take as long as I need

She wants me to be free


Connie R Jordan...    042418