Aug. 21, 2018

BOJO (My Father)...

Some things I learned from you, were not necessarily the best.

Other things I learned, were far better than the rest.

What you wanted, you fought for; and got, no matter what.

You were pleasant, and charming;  except when you got caught.

You were questioned, "Where were you?"; got combative, and left.

The questions left unanswered; came back and did your best.

At blending in, like nothing happened; like nothing was wrong.

Problems? No problems. Situation normal, all along.

You thought no one knew, like the elephant in the room.

Until you felt like someone "lowered the boom".

You felt trapped, like a tiger, wanting out of it's cage.

Truth was your enemy, like a missing page.

Of a book of your life, if read, they would know.

Reality wasn't handled, it just had to go.

For the facade must continue, people like you, can't let them see.

The real you, that inside, was just poised to flee.

But they knew, and you knew it, yet acted like it was ok

Would things have been different, if they'd had the nerve to say

What everyone was thinking, yet kept in their heads

But kept them, and you, up nights; did no one feel led

To tell you the truth; how could they not care

About the person you became? This just was not fair.

So you blamed THEM, all their fault; responsibility not yours

So all secrets and comments left behind closed doors.

How different would your life have been, and mine, if ONE person had

The nerve to open their mouth, touch your heart, not to make you feel bad?

But for you to be healed, from inside to out.

Not to reveal all the secrets; but to see what you were REALLY about?

I believe, your heart was pure, it was just so tattered, and entwined

That you couldn't let people see it, would they care to try and find

The one who could love, and be loved; with no conditions?

Just let you be you, not make you a mission

To be fixed, or changed; just let you be you

Do you think this was something you'd have been able to do?

I have learned, in my quest to find me, without you

That like it or not, the you in me will ALWAYS shine through

But it isn't all bad; if I just let it be

People WILL look through it, and see the REAL ME!!!

Connie R Jordan...   121117