Aug. 22, 2018

Domestic Violence...Escape...

Escape is a word that often is used -

To run, get away from, a life that's untrue.

If things were "all good", why would you want to leave?

But you vowed, or committed, and promised to cleave

To the love of your life, "until death do you part."

You're still here, so you can't; but when did it start?

Was it subtle, at first? Do you feel like a fool?

Do you feel like a child; or a prisoner under rule?

Is leaving your answer 

Can you really "make it work"?

Or is your situation hopess; with a tyrant or jerk? 

Every answer raises more questions than one person should bear

Why can't they listen? Why can't they care?

"Should I stay or should I go", like the words in the song

They make it sound so simple, but either choice feels wrong

But "they" say I should leave, like I don't have a choice.

Wish the answer was easier; wish I knew how to use MY voice

But that option was taken, right from the start

When I fell deep in love, obviously alone, in my heart 

So many questions going around in my head;

Maybe the answer will be when I wake up dead


Connie R Jordan...   102217