Aug. 31, 2018

Pulling Yourself Out...

Pulling yourself out

From a pool full of pain

Laying flat on the edge

Til you start to breathe again

When you can, moving away

Though ever pulled toward

The dark, deep water

In the pain-filled fjord

The only way out is up

The path needed to be done

Though ropes tossed by others

The climb itself, for one

While climbing, you may slip

But you keep moving on

Upward, forward motion

Don't give up, though it's long

Keep looking up at the rim

Of the cliff that you climb

Your "people" are there, waiting

To greet you, giving time

That you need for your trek

See the ropes hanging down?

NOT the first to go through

They're above, on solid ground

Use The Force deep inside you

To push you ever on

All that's asked is forward movement

Yes, through time, some will be gone

But the ones that will still be there

That were not driven away

By your pain from the pool

Will be with you to stay


Connie R Jordan...   083118