Aug. 31, 2018

Moving Forward Through the Pain...

It's constant, right now

Like there is no reprieve

My emotions ripped open

Leaking just like a sieve

Open, raw, and laid out

Like it's all one can see

Feeling like it's forever

Like I NEVER will be

Able to move away

From inside this pool of pain

It pulls me under, drowning

Like I will never float again

I know this wave WILL pass

And I, again, shall float

The wounds will heal, now bandaged

And I will not live remote

From those I know, that love me

Who've  given me time to heal

That check on me, yet leave me be

As my new life fate, I seal

It's not to live in constant pain

But moving on, and living

To let my memories motivate

And move back into giving

Of my heart, that's why I'm here

To motivate others along

This recent wave, another lesson

To encourage to be strong

Take your time, do what YOU need

To get to your place of strength

There is no map or timeline

No one else can determine the length

Of another's grieving process

Can only be there and support

Remember, to follow THEIR lead

And help when they feel they fall short


Connie R Jordan...   080918-083118