Sep. 2, 2018

Piercing MY Darkness...

Piercing through MY Darkness

See the sunlight peeking in

Keep on moving, forward motion

Try to rise above the din

Of the voices full of sadness

Cannot stay here, anymore

See the mirror, such a sad face

Need to get up off the floor

And to go out, feel the sunlight

Let the rain wash all away

Grieving wears you, takes the happy

And if you let it, makes you stay

In the sadness, ever present

But you HAVE to work it through

All the feelings, yes, there's many

Have to fight to get to YOU

Because remember you are present

The one that's passed has moved away

To the place they're meant to be in

Would you really make them stay?

So just process, take time needed

And move forward from this place

And then one day, you will realize

That's a real smile on your face

And it's okay to be happy

They just want the best for you

When you get there, you will know it

You will have finally made it through

To the light, the Darkness broken

It's so bright can hardly see

That it's time - forever starting

And together you will be

Connie R Jordan...  090118