Sep. 7, 2018

About "Moving On"...

What is this, they speak of
This "moving on" thing

We sorted her stuff

Decided what all to bring

To keep, to remember her

For her legacies to be

Each day, still so painful

Still trying to figure out me

Let alone, other people
How they "fit" in my life

While at times I still feel

Like a literal, long knife

Is still stuck in my chest

And is wiggled around

With every memory I have

Every item that's found

There have been brief moments

When the pain not as great

Since before she physically left us

Since that memorable date

I know "moving on" is NOT just an option

It is key

To living, moving forward

And becoming the real me

Not this empty, snakeskin replica

Delicate to the slightest touch

But the strong me, inside there

She gave me so much

Strength, to go on

To live life at it's best

In spite of that knife

That feels stuck in my chest

Let the pain be motivation

To grow stronger each day

And moment by moment

Will be able to stay

Engaged in my life

Just existing, no more

Though some days feel like crawling

To make it to that door

Where beyond it, my life waits

For me to catch up

I know I can get there

Am NOT giving up...

Connie R Jordan...  090518