Sep. 8, 2018

Thinking Every Thought...

Thinking every thought

It is what I must do

To be whole, and complete

I have to go through

This season, no time frame

At times, weary in fight

In thinking the thoughts

And shining the light

On each syllable, and phrase

This process takes time

It feels like forever

Where's the end of the line?

All the feelings, and thoughts

Like they multiply each day

Wish could just snap my fingers

And would all go away

But they don't, so I process

I stay hunkered down

And I do what I must

Til I complete THIS round

Many don't understand

Doesn't matter, I must do

What I need to complete task

And when I'm done will be new

Version of myself

Hopefully, better and improved

I will still be me, but

Sharing what I've gone through

Understand, not waste of time

Just me, being me

Please be patient, don't give up

And soon, hopefully you'll see

The me, you know and (hopefully still) love

Though slightly different than before

You'll know when you see her

Walk through those doors

Having thought every thought

For this season of life

Able to just go on with

Lessons learned in this strife

And to reach out, and be there

For whoever's in need

And finally, finding balance

My intuitions I will heed

Connie R Jordan...   090718