Sep. 13, 2018

My Friend...

When I think of you

I see you, through your heart

You come in quietly

And after awhile you start

To share the REAL you

With those that you choose

You walk beside some

Others, step in their shoes

You understand, deeply

People that enter your light

If people don't try

You are not going to fight

To be part of their world

You've got you're own to be in

And if they will just try

Though the path may be thin

You are open, and ready

To embrace them as are

To walk on, together

And to go just as far

As they're willing to go

Sometimes, through a rising din

And they just need to know

That once in, you're in

Committed, forever

Not to be removed by YOU

But they must remember

A relationship takes two

Connie R Jordan...  091018