Sep. 13, 2018

Current Situation...

Whether it is shared

Or whether I am spared

When am thrown into disaster

It pushes me even faster

Taking all my breath away

Feeling like I'll always stay

In this feeling, here and now

But I know I will, somehow

Make it through to other side

All this pressure on my mind

People letting me do my thing

But there, underneath, the ring

Of fear, for my outcome

Feeling worry, pressure from some

Got to process all the feelings

Leaving me and others reeling

But can make it? Sometimes, wonder

As these feelings pull me under

To the darkness, ever present

Climbing out, but not to extent

I can stay, and rest on laurels

Life's not puppy dogs and florals

There are plaids, and cats with claws

There are gaping, open maws

Ever present, pulling me through

Keeping focused, trying to see to

Keeping clear, yet keep it real

How to process what I do feel

Connie R Jordan...    091318