Sep. 18, 2018

I Am Strong...

I  know I am strong because I'm still here

Have faced every demon; while others run in fear

Maybe not in the best ways, but survival is key

I keep trodding on, some day hoping to be

Able to move past this, I hate feeling stuck

Getting tired of my own feelings, all the mire and muck

But I fight, at times by the minute, to get where I need

To live, and pay it forward, the necessary seed

Of the Healing Process, not an easy road, for most

Some just avoid it, because of the cost

They just lock it all up, in a closet marked Pain

And then, just get on with their lives again

Why can't I do that? At times being me sucks

So I spend my time thinking, feeling hit by a truck

But we all have to live the hand in life that we're dealt

And not all, when they're tried by the fires of life, melt

But stand strong, like steel, of the buildings that stand

And the resolve, can't give up, not part of the plan

So when weary in battle, do what must do to get by

And though feelings of failure, the Truth is in Try

Connie R Jordan...   091618