Sep. 19, 2018

Free Falling...

Free-falling...don't know what

Am doing next, until I spot

New place of footing - good or bad

Stay there til next free-fall is had

Flying free is not always good

Never knowing what my mood

Will be - go on, and pray no hate

From others not been through this fate

All time will come, to each his own

To wait, until new comfort zone

Easy for none, for others harder

Does intelligence make you smarter?

To move along - feels like snail's pace

But no winners in THIS race

To get to new self...I hope I like

In every free-fall comes a spike

Where it can catch you; or rip you open

All about perspective - and keep one hoping

That some day this part will end

And I hope I can still be my Friend...

Connie R Jordan...  091918