Sep. 20, 2018

Living Life In The Projects...

Living my life "in the projects" is what my life has become; while moving on to the NEXT "project", is too tedious, for some

Every thought that I think, every item I touch, becomes a component of a "project", so much

Needed to keep my brain occupied; to keep me functional, though my Mother has died

Waves of thought, in my addled brain; feeling like my life will never be the same

I know this is true, with my intelligence; but can I give it due diligence?

In memory of the woman that shaped my life? Who would be so concerned with my pain and strife?

But that's how she lived, the next "project" always awaited; her "living in HER projects" never faded

Though she could do them no more, they were always still there; and she never stopped her continuing to care

And wanting to help, though those days were LONG gone, she NEVER stopped trying, encouraging me to go on

So, in my "projects", I will try to move on; with her in my heart, how can I go wrong?

Now, I know my "projects" are my legacy; my path to get back, to find the "new me"

So must search for components, for pieces that fit, to build my new life, now that I know this is it

The "projects" go on, until death do us part; and if you knew my Mother, she'd kill to finish what she'd start

Though being a "finisher" has never been my strength, I now have to carry on and do my lengths

In this race to the end, to do what we can do; we ALL have a purpose, we ALL must push through

We ALL have our "projects", just not everyone knows; I had a great teacher, so here my next "project" goes...

Connie R Jordan...   092018