Oct. 2, 2018

Darkness Before the Dawn...

Before the sun rises

Is the darkest time of day

I feel like I am stuck here

Like I will never be okay

I really know the way this works

It's not my first "rodeo"

But riding the bull, no end in sight?

Not the normal way to go

Feels like you're tied on, with no escape

As he pounds you all about

And you're stuck riding on his back

Clowns can't even get you out

Still, you hold tight, knowing you're broken

But couldn't let go, if you tried

Til the Rider comes, on horse and saddle

And rides along beside

He cuts the rope, and sets you free

Then pulls you onto his horse

But while you lay there, bleeding

And crying, they then force

You to get up, to raise your hand

Assuring you will be okay

Your body will need mended

And you may just have to stay

Under watch awhile, but never alone

As they tend to you, and you heal

Each and every bone that's broken

Will be different, and may feel

Like it is a permanent wound

And you will never be okay

But just remember, before the sun rises

Is the darkest time of the day...

Connie R Jordan...   100218