Oct. 3, 2018

Rollercoaster of Loss...

This life I live keeps going on

Locked in this seat I ride upon

The Rollercoaster my life's become

At times all "feels", then total numb

Keep people out - let people in

Just waiting for next ride to begin

Going up and down, and all around

At times, feel headed into ground

Crashing deep, and tossed about

Still locked in, cannot get out

Feel bloodied and beaten, but persevere

Not all who come, survive it, here

Rollercoaster of Loss, not for faint of heart

There is NO ticket, no "time to start"

It comes upon, from who knows where

Only way is through - from "here" to "there"

Sometimes, it pauses; hanging upside down

You cry and scream; feel no one around

It starts again; wondering where "there" is?

Will YOU survive that pain when hits?

As you ride along, your neck is whipped

Body feels broken; continue to sit

In this seat - will this ride NEVER end

Or am I destined just to spend

The rest of my time on this particular ride

With only my pain filling up the inside?

I don't believe that's my destiny

That someday, hopefully soon, I'll be free

Of this pain that consumes my every thought

If this is "it", I'd rather not!!!


Connie R Jordan...  100318