Oct. 19, 2018

The Quest...

Waves crashing, standing tall

Feel any second I could fall

From strong and brave on rocky crag

To wilting, small, and feeling dragged

Over sharp stones; a wide crevasse

I feel them all - represent my past

Keep moving forward, storm rages on

Across solid foundation am built upon

Passing through, to higher ground

As chilly winds whip all around

Though steps may falter, press onward, still

Approaching, timidly, wooded hills

Where creatures howl, and darkness blares

And only light is from the flares

For seeking aid, in times of need

The sky aflame; call for help, a seed

No rescue comes - must forge ahead

Still trudging on, through Darkness led

An inward Light, my only guide

Determination, strong, by my side

Through many trials upon this quest

All that's required is do my best

And stay engaged, til end is reached

To take another, the rules are breached

A solo trek, to find the truth

Down deep inside, no point is moot

Turning over every rock

Though moss-covered, it openly mocks

And hides the Truth, hidden deep within

If miss it, to circle back, again

Until Truth is learned, cannot move ahead

Yet another pitfall to this journey, led

Though growing weak, determination strong

In scheme of things, it isn't long

Until destination comes into view

Across horizon, all shiny and new

But is it real, can it come that quick?

Through all the trials that have made me sick?

At times, unable to go on

Must stop to rest, and gaze upon

My future, at times, with trepidation

Amazed have made it to THIS destination

Let alone, go further on

And some day actually rest upon

My new life, I know, not a permanent place

There will always be new trials to face

With battles fought, and some to lose

But without all this, life just a ruse

Reality is best, whether feel safe, or not

For when faking things, one is ALWAYS caught

To live a life of peace, doesn't mean no toil

But, to the Victor goes the spoil

Of a life hard-fought, wearing scars with pride

When thought were losing, or could've died

But held on tight, never letting go

Of the Me inside, and getting to know

She, and her quirks, and all the truth inside

And resting in the Light, wherein abides

Perseverance her strength, never giving up

That deep inside was a powerful love

Of self, that always seemed to stay hidden

All covered up like a hand with a mitten

But now, a freedom, through battle fought

And giving up, NEVER, in today's terms, NOT!!!

Connie R Jordan...  101918