Nov. 8, 2018

The Violence Must End...

What Violence, you say?

The Violence we see

Everywhere. Every day.

Oh, it's not that bad.

Just the way things are.

It never will change

From the poor, to the Star

We see it, do you feel it?

Does it make you feel sad?

Do you remember how it was

With your Mom and your Dad?

That's not Violence, it's just us,

Everbody lives that way.

And remember, with other people,

You NEVER should say

What goes on in our house

Should just not be discussed

Others don't understand

And would just make a fuss

Sooo if it's normal, what's the problem

If I share with a Friend?

Because if they see it

They may get worried, and possibly send

Someone, like the police

And they will take you away

Then the "family" will be broken

Leaving you left to say

That you "broke up the family"

It will all be your fault

It wasn't really Violence

Just a "little" assault

It would just cause more problems

Than it ever could fix

So you keep yourself "safe"

And enmeshed in the mix

When it's your turn, it's normal

To be their punching bag

And if you open YOUR mouth

They will just come and drag

Them away - YOUR fault, again

You had a great life

Then you had to go and ruin it

Now you're no longer a wife

Or a partner, you're alone

And with the kids, who

If you don't make changes

Will end up just. like. you.


Connie R Jordan...  110818

(Original posting 110818)