Apr. 11, 2019

Christmas Poem - SM

My Friend, my constant

The one that is there

That I never feel "pressure"

Just know that you care

I thank you, so much

For your Heart, not all know

But you have ALWAYS been true

And always have shown

Mere words can't express

How you make my Heart feel

When I share from MY Heart

It's in stride, no big deal

All those years since we met

Did you think we would be

Where we are, Heart to Heart

And able to see?

Just to be there, and to listen

It's a judgment-free zone

Ups and downs, Wal-Mart bitching

And yet, it is known

There is NOTHING off-topic

We can share from our Hearts

Even when we are silly

And talk about #cartfarts

I love you, my Friend

And am SO glad you're there

And I hope that YOU know

That I ALWAYS will care

Connie R Jordan...  110418