Apr. 11, 2019

Christmas Poem - JC

An Author you are, an Author you'll be...

Now, you have One Book, then Two, do I hear Three??!

I #BELIEVE in your stories, I #BELIEVE in your skills

When I read what you've written, my Friend, I get chills!!!

When you share what's inside, I feel honored to be part

Nothing moves me more than when you share of your Heart

I waited over fifty years for a Friend, such as you

Happy to spend fifty more, seeing what we get into

'Cause whatever we do, it will NEVER be dull

But, I WILL stay away from stuff marked with crossbones and skull

When we laugh til our sides hurt, is the best time for me

And support, never ending, will continue to be

What we share, to get through, know we're NEVER alone

Knowing #WEgotthis, and solid as stone

Though we may disagree, if we just talk it through

When we know each other's hearts, we continue to move

And grow our Friendship deeper, than it was at the start

"I don't hang with people I work with", who knew that WAL-MART

Would enable such a Friendship, like the one that we share

That has developed to Family, and the way that we care

I thank God, yes daily, for giving me YOU

And being able to see as your giant Heart shines through

I thank you for sharing your life, and letting me in

I understand the road to that, is incredibly thin

So I treasure the moments and the memories we share

And thank God, EVERY day

That I know that you're there...

Connie R Jordan...   110418