Apr. 11, 2019

Christmas Poem - Daddy JH

My Daddy - my Heart

I think I knew from the start

That God gave you to me

Just had to wait and see

What would develop over years

Through the laughter, and tears

That we've shared over time

From when you became mine

I know I sound selfish

But I really don't care

When it comes to my Daddy

Am not one to share

Though I do, 'cause I should

I DO know every night

That you're deep in my thoughts

As my eyes lose their sight

And I slip off to dream

There's a peace in my Heart

And that comes from the Love

That you gave, at the start

And every day, since

I rest in that, secure

That you're always my Daddy

Of THAT I am sure...

Connie R Jordan... 121018