Apr. 11, 2019

Christmas Poem - SML

To you, my Friend, I wish only the best

I sometimes feel sorry for all of the rest

Who don't get to have the Friendship WE know

I know how we started, and continue to grow

I trust you, completely; my best interest at heart

Every day learning; so far from our start

You accept I'm not perfect; a bit broken, in spots

But still, you stand by me; though I confuse you, a LOT

In learning our balance, I have learned to let go

But am FOREVER grateful, and happy to know

That you are there WITH me, feel our lifetime is set

And I'll be there with YOU, as much as you let

I know I'm still learning what my life is to be

The more I learn about you, the more that I see

The reason we connected, and are together, still

Whatever the future, I believe that we will

Go on, together, for the rest of our lives

Who knew, many years ago, that our parallel lines

Would cross, once again, and connect us for life

So far from when your neighbor became my Brother's wife

Every day, as I'm thinking what I'm most grateful for

Your name comes up, and I say "thank you", for coming through that door

Connie R Jordan...  110318