Apr. 11, 2019

Christmas Poem - LB

When I picture you I see a BIG heart

With four limbs to help, near or far, you just start

With questions - "I'm here, please do tell, what I can do?"

Followed by, "Are you alright?" and, "What do you need, for me to help you?"

I do try to help YOU, as much as you let

I'll support you, forever; on that you can bet

Like an Octopus on your face, you're stuck with me for life

I wish you ALL the best, with the least amount of strife

I just wanted you to know, since my writing says it best

That I LOVE YOU, FOREVER; and in that, you can rest

In all your endeavours, and in all you go through

Though am across the country, I'm right beside you

You are never alone, and ALWAYS in my heart

Though can't pinpoint the moment, almost since the start

Of our relationship, when we met, destined for forever to be

Two hearts joined together - that symbolize you and me...

Connie R Jordan...  110218