Apr. 11, 2019

Darwin's Been Waiting...

Darwin's been up there, waiting

For Shelby to finally arrive

Been passing the time with the others

Cause they knew that it just wasn't time

Grandpa, and Uncle, and Brindle and Duke

And all of the babies, with Goodheart, to boot

Tonite is a party in Heaven

With all of the "bickies" she'd like

And all of the running  and chasing

But no need for her paws to wipe

She's no longer struggling to be

And feeling no pain, anywhere

Now they're all together, and waiting

For everyone's time to be there

So please rest, and just know we're ok, now

That the choice was the one to be made

And you loved us enough to make it

And we remember the love that you gave

We're up here, Momma, just waiting

Imagine the greeting you'll get

For Your crown is the prettiest in Heaven

And EVERYONE wishes they were YOUR pet...

We love you, Momma...

Connie R Jordan...   111118