Jul. 20, 2019

My Beamer... (071819)

Five years ago, my life was changed
When your pain became too great
For you to bear, you gave "The Look"
Asking me to choose your fate
I "loved you enough", and still, to this day
Carry your picture with me, the same old way
And talk about you, like you're still here
Confuse the heck out of people, but I don't care
Forever, my Son, my Baby Boy
Your Sister, Motion, still plays with your toys
One day, with YOU, but now safe on the shelf
When I think about that, ALWAYS laugh to myself
"No, Motion, you CANNOT play with your Big Brother!!!"
Just know that I will NEVER have another
First born in my life, you have that title
And Motion, nor anyone, will ever rival
What we had...because, it just wouldn't be right
Each soul will be different, not going to fight
And know, that place in my heart will ALWAYS be filled by you
Until we're together, forever, doing what we do

Love you, my Woobiebutt!!!