Nov. 10, 2020

My Life as a Play...

My life as a play may seem boring and dull

But as I live my life, I am constantly full

Of the amazing sights that I see every day

See, not everyone notices stuff in the same way

It's the finite little things that excite and amaze

The bigger stuff, often, gets lost in the haze

Of the struggles of life, that is meant to be full

With the ordinary that sets many in a catatonic lull

I choose to make special the life-daily drudge

While others seek "Special", afraid they will smudge

The perfection they think others see in their lives

While we're really ALL, often, just trying to survive

We need to SEE more of the Ordinary Life

I think it could help with some suffering and strife

That many struggle with and silently dread

And could cure many issues that are stuck in the heads

Anxiety, depression, these are all the results

It's not the Darkness, many claim, that comes from the Occult

Many are unable to live life as it is

Because ordinary life, means "having never lived"

In the eyes of the loud voices, that seem to be leading

And influencing, at times, irresponsibly - seemingly weeding

Seeking quantity, over quality - this is not a healthy way

Each has the choice to live THEIR life to THEIR fullest, every single day

So I choose to remain ordinary, and happy where I am

Until that day, when I am gone, and I no longer can...

Connie R Jordan... 110720
#2020seeclearly #JusTSpInnIngPlaTes