Dec. 2, 2020

"That Call..."

The "lights", and the "action"
Are all "stalled out", now
But they're trying to "turn over"
Without "curtain" or "bow"

We're all doing what we can
To get through all of this
With not even "high fives"
Or a hug or a kiss

But, we cannot lose connection
'Cause "the show must go on"
Until this is over

We must await the new dawn

When the lights WILL come back on
And that engine WILL start
With the true connections re-tying
The strings, heart to heart

We just have to keep going
This battle CANNOT be lost!!!
And hold on to each other
At whatever the cost

Know that nothing is forever
If learning nothing else, in life
And the times that we struggle
With the toiling and strife

That the dawn ALWAYS comes
After the darkest of the night
And we WILL get through this
If we just hold on tight

For even a pandemic
Cannot take away
The underlying spirit
Of knowing there's a new day

We WILL all get through this
Though some will pay the cost
And we must carry on
To represent those lives lost

Though it seems such a waste
There is purpose in all
But we may never know it
Until we answer that call

That our life is complete
I've learned it's sooner, for some
Though the valiant blow
Is NEVER easy, when it comes

Our purpose is to go on
Not let their loss be in vain
For the connection can't be broken
Even if we don't see them, again

In this life on this Earth
I believe some day, we will
Be reunited with loved ones
And forever connected, still

This gives me hope
Though our future seems quite bleak
And so many unseen answers
To the questions, we seek

My Mother taught me that Faith
Is what gets us through all
And it will get me through this
Even if I get "That Call..."

(Connie R Jordan... completed 120220)