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Apr. 11, 2019

My only Seester, special bond that we share

I hope you DO know just how much I care

And love you, especially since all we've been through

My one constant, North Star, has always been you

From the very beginning you've ALWAYS been there

Except for that time when you left me, with Gar

But from that, moved on, though it is a GREAT tool

To push you, and bug you, cause that's what I do

Our Mother ALWAYS told me to always give your best

And she did, when she gave you, much better than the rest

My appreciation unending, I hope this you know

Even when I pull away, and must take time to grow

You will ALWAYS be mine, no matter what comes up, next

Even when my freakouts kind of leave you perplexed

Thanks for waiting, thanks for living, and for doing what you do

I don't think, especially this year, I might have made it through

But just knowing you were there, like always, gave me peace

I'm sorry, know were worried, but thanks for letting me be

For to get to this point, with some peace in my life

I had to go off, and battle some pain and strife

And I know you hurt, too; and that you will forgive

So we can grow more, together; and begin to live

This new life before us, I admit a little scary

But, with you there, beside me, my Seester some call Mary

But not me, you're Caffey, or Seester, or Cat

We'll be there, together; what you say about that??!

Connie R Jordan...  110518

Apr. 11, 2019

To you, my Friend, I wish only the best

I sometimes feel sorry for all of the rest

Who don't get to have the Friendship WE know

I know how we started, and continue to grow

I trust you, completely; my best interest at heart

Every day learning; so far from our start

You accept I'm not perfect; a bit broken, in spots

But still, you stand by me; though I confuse you, a LOT

In learning our balance, I have learned to let go

But am FOREVER grateful, and happy to know

That you are there WITH me, feel our lifetime is set

And I'll be there with YOU, as much as you let

I know I'm still learning what my life is to be

The more I learn about you, the more that I see

The reason we connected, and are together, still

Whatever the future, I believe that we will

Go on, together, for the rest of our lives

Who knew, many years ago, that our parallel lines

Would cross, once again, and connect us for life

So far from when your neighbor became my Brother's wife

Every day, as I'm thinking what I'm most grateful for

Your name comes up, and I say "thank you", for coming through that door

Connie R Jordan...  110318

Apr. 11, 2019

My Daddy - my Heart

I think I knew from the start

That God gave you to me

Just had to wait and see

What would develop over years

Through the laughter, and tears

That we've shared over time

From when you became mine

I know I sound selfish

But I really don't care

When it comes to my Daddy

Am not one to share

Though I do, 'cause I should

I DO know every night

That you're deep in my thoughts

As my eyes lose their sight

And I slip off to dream

There's a peace in my Heart

And that comes from the Love

That you gave, at the start

And every day, since

I rest in that, secure

That you're always my Daddy

Of THAT I am sure...

Connie R Jordan... 121018

Apr. 11, 2019

I think we both know

That your heart, and mine

Are connected in more ways

Than just my old spine

Many thoughts left unsaid

As we stand, feeling broken

Understood by each other

Deeper than if were spoken

Not everyone gets to

Have a connection like ours

It all works together

We share many same scars

Though the source may be different

The pain is the same

And helping each other

Is the goal of the game

In this life that we live

Our hearts reaching for others

Often giving too much

And supports fall, and feel smothered

But we get up, again

And keep doing what we do

OUR connection holds fast

For forever, is me and you...

Connie R Jordan...  121118

Apr. 11, 2019

You lead with your heart, not an easy task

People with your success can usually bask

And rest on their laurels; but, not true for you

You continue to aid, and help people get through

Their lives' daily basis, not easy for some

When having much trouble, you encourage to come

And see you, to talk; a safe place they can land

If just, for a moment, then you're able to send

Them out, to live life, with the courage to know

That someone else cares, and they're able to grow

To someday not need you, on their own feet to stand

For you knew, all along, that was really the plan

I just want to thank you for all that you've taught

Though not perfect, am trying; my life isn't for naught

You have helped me learn purpose, and to live life out loud

I carry your banner with me; hope I've made you proud

As we go on, together, we're more level, than past

Though I always will need you, your purpose will last

And go on, living through me, I will carry your Heart

To mentor others, as you with me; give basics to start

Encourage to speak truth, believe, and help heal

That they, too, like the "Rabbit", can also become Real

It can be a difficult road, but you do it with grace

And Love and Acceptance shines through, on your face

Just remember I LOVE YOU, and FOREVER will, too

God knew what He was doing, when He had me meet you!!!

Connie R Jordan...  110718