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Nov. 4, 2020

When the hand is a Mask...
How hard to break through?
When you hiss and you bite
And you're left there, to chew

On the horrible things
That still ring in your ears
Some that fill you with RAGE
Others stifle you, with Fear

That you're doomed to live out
All that they've said you will
But hidden, deep inside
Is the hope that you still

Will break free of these bonds
Of those fingers tightly pressed
That at times, hard to breathe
And the pounding in your chest

Where your Heart longs for freedom
From THIS oppressive life
That in the future - release
Thus, ending pain and strife

To live, as you're intended
Be the BEST you, you can
Share your story with others
Thereby, ruining "The Plan"

To keep you held in bondage
Oppressed, unable to stand
And you will be feeling the freedom
From when the mask WAS a hand...
Connie R Jordan... Finished 042720

Nov. 4, 2020

Masks, many wear them

Some people, more than one

They're covered by hundreds

They think that they're done

That life will be better

And no one will know

That they're hiding behind something

And that NO ONE cares to go

Beyond the masks they wear

To see what's really under

True, many DON'T care

Or for one second, wonder

Why their need for so many?

It screams of pain untold

And not many dare go there

To stand, and help fold

Back the edges, many delicate

And so easily broken

Some, hard and fast

A definite token

Of wounds deep embedded

Not even willing to look

To go through the pain

And have their foundation be shook

It is not an easy task

To hold a mask, once removed

And to see the pain left

Lines of pain deeply grooved

Into scars, the reminders

Of a memory of the past

That once the mask removed

The scar WILL last

A reminder to show you

From whence you came

And also, a reminder

To not go there, again...

Connie R Jordan...  091018

May. 21, 2020

In this time of Covid, feeling under attack
Feeling overwhelmed, yet feel taken aback
By the influx of info; what's true - what's not??!
Sensing the urgency - running both cold AND hot
Mask on/mask off ‐ daily battle begins
Until I get home - sense of "normal", again??!
Who knew, when year started, how odd spring would be??!
How much we'd be missing all those we can't see??!
Simple hugs, binding handshakes - things seemingly gone away
Wondering what "new recommendations" will be coming today??!
And yet, in the chaos - believe it, or not
Have been moments of peace, being randomly caught
I've been "handling things", though been bitchy, at times
And sometimes, felt "blocked", trying to write those lines
Of my blog posts - to encourage, to not feel so alone
That we're ALL going through it - try to see how we've grown
Making positives out of all the destruction we've seen
That for humanity, the possibility of that ugly slate wiped clean??!
I believe nothing is wasted - lessons always abound
I just hope, always do, that true peace WILL be found

Jul. 20, 2019

Five years ago, my life was changed
When your pain became too great
For you to bear, you gave "The Look"
Asking me to choose your fate
I "loved you enough", and still, to this day
Carry your picture with me, the same old way
And talk about you, like you're still here
Confuse the heck out of people, but I don't care
Forever, my Son, my Baby Boy
Your Sister, Motion, still plays with your toys
One day, with YOU, but now safe on the shelf
When I think about that, ALWAYS laugh to myself
"No, Motion, you CANNOT play with your Big Brother!!!"
Just know that I will NEVER have another
First born in my life, you have that title
And Motion, nor anyone, will ever rival
What we had...because, it just wouldn't be right
Each soul will be different, not going to fight
And know, that place in my heart will ALWAYS be filled by you
Until we're together, forever, doing what we do

Love you, my Woobiebutt!!!

Apr. 24, 2019

At Five AM, many lives were changed

Because of a situation not so strange

Guy decided to drink, then get behind the wheel

With three passengers, two of which were killed

Three young lives were taken that day

That ride should NOT have ended that way

To go to the store, was all that was asked

Too selfish, too drunk, to finish that task

Nine years later, still missed just as much

Your smile, your hugs, your soft tender touch

My life was changed, on that fateful day

When someone else's choices took you away

I MAY forgive, because that is how it should be

But I will NEVER forget you, my sweet Poetry...

(Aunt) Connie R Jordan...  042419