Your thots about my thots...

Please share your thots about my thots here...thank you in advance...

Website Mar. 7, 2019


Your site is Great! Thanks for directing me here!

Sep. 15, 2018

Dorothy - met you at Walmart

Hi Connie,

Finally, stopped by and visited your site. Nice work! Really, really thoughtful. Keep spinning!

Website Feb. 26, 2017

Nickie Ostick

You rock, my friend! Keep spinning with gratitude and God will do amazing things for and through you! It was great seeing you at the art show!

Website Jan. 21, 2017


Thank you all for your comments...I DO appreciate ANY input.

Sep. 9, 2016

Cathey (Seester)

It must be hereditary because I seem to think the same way. I never seem to finish a thought out loud before moving on in conversation. Why do people get confused in conversation with me?

Jul. 27, 2015


Keep on spinning!,,

Apr. 20, 2015


My dear friend I so enjoy reading your thoughts. It certainly gives me food for thought...and most times I am in agreement or have felt the same way...don't ever stop writing you my friend are not only a joy in person but also in writing.